Microscope Slide Sets

Slide Set, Microscope, Set of 25 - Biology
Slide Set, Microscope, Set of 25 - Biology
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Professionally stained, mounted and individually labelled.

Loose Connective Tissue
Hydra Thru Testis c.s.
Spinal Cord c.s.
Hydra Thru Ovary c.s.
Motor Nerve Ending
Hydra with Bud
Stomach Mammal Sec
Fern Prothalium wm
Kidney c.s.
Zea Mays Seed l.s.
Artery & Vein c.s.
Blood Vessel of Lung
Lung Mammal
Blood Vessel of Kidney
Colon Mammal
Taste Bud
Trachea Mammal
Mouth Smear
Pancreas Mammal
Human Sperm Smear
Uterus Mammal
Mitosis of Animal Cell
Spleen Mammal
Onion Root Tips

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