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Airstream Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet
Airstream Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet
  • Model: AVC-4D1

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  • ISO Class 3 air cleanliness within work zone as per ISO 14644.1
  • High-quality polyester pre-filter and main ULPA filter with a typical efficiency of 99.9997% at MPPS and 99.9998% at both 0.3 and 0.12 microns provide the best product protection in the world; typical main ULPA filter lifespan is more than 3 years depending on the usage of the clean bench.
  • Mini-pleat separatorless ULPA filter technology reduces energy consumption and delivers increased laminar airflow uniformity for better product and cross contamination protection.
  • Integral filter metal guard on both sides prevents accidental damage to ULPA filter; seamless filter gasket is permanently molded on the filter frame and will not deteriorate over time; aerosol (DOP/PAO) challenge test port included.
  • Dimensions : 1,240(L)x645(W)x685(H)

Brand : Esco

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