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Seripettor Pro, 1-10ml
Seripettor Pro, 1-10ml
  • Model: BR-4720 440

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The seripettor® pro series is an innovative bottle-top range of dispensers from BRAND with a special design. A lifting spring provides automatic filling. When the piston seal is worn out, the entire dispensing unit can be exchanged by the user quickly and easily.

Uses of seripettor® pro:

Aqueous solutions: Biological buffer solutions and detergents, anti-foaming agents, culture media, vitamin solutions, etc. can be dosed in everyday routines.

Lyes: such as NaOH, KOH and ammonia.

Polar solvents: polar solvents such as ethanol, methanol, acetylacetone, Acetone etc.

Acids: such as concentrated HCI, glacial acetic acid.

UV-sensitive media

Volume rangeSubdivisionAccuracy in % (±)Accuracy in µl (±)Coefficient of variation (%)Coefficient of variation in µl
1 - 10 ml 0,2 ml 1,2 % 120 µl 0,2 % 20 µl

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