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Power Supply, \'Digi-Pak\', 2-12V AC/DC Switched, 5A max
Power Supply, 'Digi-Pak', 2-12V AC/DC Switched, 5A max
  • Model: LB2629-001

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The IEC 'MiniPak' Power Supply is a new model, very compact, general purpose power supply to provide switched AC and DC voltages at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12V.AC and DC at about 5 to 6A. The DC output is full wave rectified but not filtered. It is almost the same unit as the famous 'workhorse' LB2633-001 power supply, but is more compact and uses 4mm safety sockets instead of 4mm terminals. The mains switch is on the rear panel and an LED indicates 'power on'. When the output is overloaded, the LED changes from green to red. Overload protection is by an automatically resetting overload that provides an audible 'click' when tripped and reset. Housing has carry handles and rubber feet. 

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Brand : IEC

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