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Power Supply, \'Digi-Pak\', 2-12V AC/DC switched, 15A max
Power Supply, 'Digi-Pak', 2-12V AC/DC switched, 15A max
  • Model: LB2632-001

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This IEC Power Supply is a larger general purpose power supply to provide switched AC and DC voltages at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12V.AC and DC at about 15A. The DC output is full wave rectified but not filtered. It is similar to the famous 'workhorse' LB2633-001 power supply, but provides a much larger output current. The illuminated mains switch is on the front panel and overload protection is by a lever operated circuit breaker which is reset manually and can be used as an output on/off switch. The housing is larger than the LB2631-001 8-10A unit.

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Brand : IEC

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