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Stroboscope, LED, Digital, mini, 12VAC/DC
Stroboscope, LED, Digital, mini, 12VAC/DC
  • Model: LB3806-001

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The IEC Digital LED Stroboscope is a low voltage miniature unit for personal use in the classroom where the extreme bright flashing of the large Xenon models is not desirable. The flashing is silent to improve concentration and to eliminate noise in the classroom. The LEDs provide a bright white flash and, because the instrument is microprocessor controlled, the flash accuracy and stability is absolute. Frequency can be adjusted very accurately from 1Hz to 500Hz. The digital display can be selected to show either flashes per second (Hz) or RPM when being used with rotating devices. The Strobe is powered by 12V.AC PlugPak and can be triggered from an external source or can be synchronised with mains frequency of 50Hz. Provision is made for flashing a very small remote LED flash head. As with all Stroboscopes, measurements can be taken of moving objects without physical contact and/or motion can be slowed to a frozen or slowly moving image.

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