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Hand Stroboscope, with adjustable slits
Hand Stroboscope, with adjustable slits
  • Model: LB3851-001

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The Hand Stroboscope LB3850-001 is a very simple way that the principle of stroboscopy is taught. The eye looks through a narrow slit while a disc with 12 slots is spun by the user's finger as a set of slots go past the original stationary slot.

This acts as a shutter and the eye sees rapid on/off images of a moving object. It the speed of the disc is correct the image will appear to be stationary or slowly moving forwards or backwards. Model LB3851-001 has 2 discs which can be easily adjusted to provide either 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 slots in the rotating disc.

IEC has developed a new design for this product and it is no longer made from wood and Masonite. It is more compact, performs better and is made from ABS plastic. The method of adjusting the number of slots is excellent and it is much easier and more effective to use.

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