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Compact Dry EC [E.coli, Coliform] 40 Tests
Compact Dry EC [E.coli, Coliform] 40 Tests
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A Simple To Use Enumeration Method for E.coli & Coliforms

Compact Dry EC is a ready-to-use test method recommended for the quantitation of Coliform bacteria and E.coli in raw materials, finished products, water and environmental surfaces. Enumeration of Coliforms & E.coli provides an overview of the hygienic status of raw materials and production. 

Compact Dry EC is a 50mm diameter plate which contains dehydrated culture media and a cold water-soluble gelling agent in a non-woven cloth matrix. The medium is instantly hydrated when inoculated with a sample, and capillary action diffuses the sample evenly over the matrix to form a gel within a second. Compact Dry EC contains two chromogenic substrates, Magenta-Gal and X-Gluc, that yield a coloured reaction when utilised & permit the differentials of E.coli from other members of the coliform group. Purple coloured colonies indicate coliforms (galactosidase) while blue colonies indcates E.coli (glucuronidase). 

  • Ready to use
  • Rapid & easy to interpret results
  • Self-diffusable membrane means a spreader is not required
  • No height limits when stacking for incubation
  • Room temperature storage & long shelf life
  • AOAC, MicroVal & NordVal Approved