Face Mask

Face Mask, Disposable, Ear Loop Type, 50pk
Face Mask, Disposable, Ear Loop Type, 50pk

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Details: Disposable Face Mask Pack 50

Earloop Type


Application: It is widely used in ordinary environment, to block the Mouth and Nasal Cavity from Exhaling or spraying pollutants by covering the user's mouth, nose and jaw.


*Please inspect the packing before use, do not sue is the packing is damaged.

* Turn folder side out, nose bar side up.

* Moderate tightness provides cosiness for ears.

* Light and very low resistance to breathing.

* Three layer anti-winkle design.

Raw Materials:

* 2 Ply non-women fabric

* 1 Ply melt-down fabric

* Rubber band


GB/T 32610-2016