G-Gauge with BeeSpi V
G-Gauge with BeeSpi V
  • Model: GE1986-01

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This equipment is specially designed for experimentation of velocity and acceleration in free fall motion and others. The experimental condition of object’s motion is adjustable to multiple angles not only for free fall but also for slope motion on the slope. Under the condition of 2 BeeSpi Vs used with this equipment, they provide you with V1 and V2. So, you get the acceleration by calculating of V1 and V2.

  • Size: c.a.1,100×100×143mm
  • Angle: 0~90°
  • Scale: 960mm
  • Accessories: BeeSpi V ×2

Includes 2 x BeeSpi V (GE1755-01) .

Narika p/n : C15-2905


Brand : Narika

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