Collision Apparatus with BeeSpi V
Collision Apparatus with BeeSpi V
  • Model: GE1942-01

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This apparatus includes a “Horizontal Ball Launcher”and BeeSpi v for measuring velocity of the launched ball. Kinetic energy change depending on the velocity of the ball can be quantitatively obtained by measuring moving distance of sliding wooden block when getting collision of horizontal launched ball on the guide rail.

Specifications and Contents

  • Ball material: Metal, Ceramics, Plastic (ca. 25mm)
  • Size: ca. 1,155×80×70mm
  • Guiding rail: Plastics, length: ca. 1,000mm
  • Launcher: 3 levels of launch speed
  • Sliding block: Wood block ca. 15×100×40mm
  • Accessory: BeeSpi v

Includes 1 x BeeSpi V (GE1755-01) .

Narika p/n : C15-2455-W1


Brand : Narika

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