Genecon V3 Electrolysis Apparatus (DUE)
Genecon V3 Electrolysis Apparatus (DUE)
  • Model: EM0275-06

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The electrolysis apparatus is used to demonstrate experiments in electrical charge/discharge and energy conversion. Use the GeneconDUE as a power source to separate water into its component gases. The tank is molded in one piece from clear resin with stainless steel electrodes sealed in place.

  • Main Unit: AS resin with fixed stainless steel electrodes
  • Dimensions: 120x80x100mm
  • Inner Dimensions: 115x70x70mm
  • Accessories: Graduated test tubes 15x105mm (2 each), Resin test tube holder (1 each)
  • The compact design makes these units stackable for neat, easy storage.

Narika p/n : F35-1305

Brand : Narika

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