Genecon Due Light Box (DUE)
Genecon Due Light Box (DUE)
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The “Genecon Light Box” has built-in lamp holders (sockets) for each of the three (3) types of lamps, Incandescent, Fluorescent and LED (Light-emitting-diode) that come with this apparatus. Purpose of this apparatus is to compare energy consumption amongst three lamps by using “NaRiKa Genecon DUE” (our hand-held DC generator) as a power source.

Student instantly feels the difference in torque (“heaviness”) to turn the handle of Genecon DUE depending on the lamp he/she lights and, eventually, realizes the difference in degree of energy efficiency of each lamp.

Collaborative work by a couple of students may be done by using/connecting Genecons in series or in parallel, feeling change in the torque when turning handle.



1. Genecon Light Box: x1 (Size: 245 x 175 x 100mm)

2. Incandescent lamp: x1 (12V, 20W)

3. Fluorescent lamp: x1 (11-16V, 18W)

4. LED lamp: x1 (10-15V, 2.5W)

5. Genecon DUE: x1

6. Case: x1


Narika p/n : B10-2640-X0





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