Parallel Bulb Base with 4 lamps (DUE)
Parallel Bulb Base with 4 lamps (DUE)
  • Model: EM0275-13

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Use this product along with the best selling Genecon DUE Hand Generator for a great demonstration.
Useful in demonstrating the conversion of energy and to comprehend the concept of electricity and work. The amount of manual force applied in turning the handle of the GeneconDUE determines the number of bulbs which are lit.

  • Material : Acrylic clear resin
  • Built-in Mini bulb socket : 4 (built in)
  • Terminal : 4 (black)
  • Size : 180×80×25mm
  • Mini bulb(3.8V、300mA) : 4

Narika p/n : B10-2631-02



Brand : Narika

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