Electrostatic High Voltage Genecon
Electrostatic High Voltage Genecon
  • Model: EM0300-01

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Replaces traditional "Van Der Graaf Generators" used for electrical discharge experiments.

Gently turn the handle to generate more than 10,000V of high voltage static electricity!
A wide range of static electricity experiments now possible without the use of a Van Der Graff generator!
Until now, high-voltage static electricity generators(Van Der Graff Generators) were required to carry out electrical discharge experiments between the Hamilton flywheel, the Moore motor and metal collecting electrodes.
The new, inexpensive Electrostatic High-Voltage Genecon now allows these experiments to be performed in the classroom with far greater ease and less cost.

  • Out Put : 10KV over
  • Size : 223 x 244mm, Thickness75mm
  • Weight : 400g
  • Cable : Red and Black each

Narika p/n : B10-1324


Brand : Narika

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