Cryscube Set
Cryscube Set
  • Model: CM0361-01

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Steric reversible crystal structure model has 8 transparence cubes which have spheral polystyrene foam as atomic sphere in each cube. 8 cubes are connected by special joint which make a reversible function. 1) Inside structure of steric crystal model can show you by reverse it. 2) The model can show you its several cubic and opened structures by reverse it. 3) You can see crystal lattice and array structure in transparence cube. 4) put the model on mirror, the bigger model is appeared.

  • Body-centered cubic lattice : 1
  • Face-centered cubic lattice : 1
  • NaCl type cubic lattice : 1
  • Diamond type cubic lattice : 1

Cube properties :

  • Crystal : Acrylic resin
  • Atomic sphere : spheral polystyrene foam
  • Size : 72×72×72mm
  • Weight : ca 140g

Narika p/n : M60-2656


Brand : Narika

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