Shipping & Returns

1. Return of Goods and Notification of Problems

AIM Scientific Goods Return Policy:

All issues / problems in relation to delivered items must be notified to AIM Scientific within 7 days. Upon notification, AIM Scientific will endeavor to respond within a 24 hour period with a solution, earlier where possible.

Incorrect deliveries
Error made by AIM Scientific: Costs of recovering the items and replacement will be borne by AIM Scientific.
Error made by Customer: Cost of recovery and replacement borne by Customer.

Courier at fault - AIM Scientific to wear costs
Customer’s breakage error - Customer to wear costs

Faulty or defective items
Replaced and no additional cost.

Ordering error or change of requirement
For all goods returned, prior approval must be obtained from AIM Scientific. AIM Scientific requests that the original invoice (or a copy thereof) that was sent with the goods be returned together with the goods plus other relevant correspondence.
Goods returned must be in their original packaging.
Goods will be accepted for credit or replacement at the sole discretion of AIM Scientific after taking into consideration the status of the goods returned.

Collection of goods
AIM Scientific will arrange or authorize the customer to arrange for goods to be collected.
Where customer returns goods without prior authorization from AIM Scientific, AIM Scientific will not be responsible for any freight charges, lost or damaged goods.

Re-stocking fee
Goods returned due to orders placed incorrectly do not attract a re-stocking fee.

Deliveries lost in transit
Returns to AIM Scientific resulting from order errors or change of requirements - at the risk of the customer. All other deliveries - at the risk of AIM Scientific.

2. Warranty

AIM Scientific guarantees performance warranty for all supplied products (with the exclusion of breakages or mis-use of intended purpose).
In addition, specific items are also supported by Manufacturer Warranties.
For example, Scales, Balances and other electronic equipment - typically 1-3 years manufacturers’ warranty supplied.